Hyphen Sourcing Inc. was created as a custom import manufacturing company. We manufacture garments vertically direct from Guatemala with the sole focus in providing eco-friendly and sustainable garments. Our main goal has been to bridge the gap between our customers and manufacturing services, giving a more seamless experience when acquiring garments from Guatemala.


Having warehouses and offices in two locations in Los Angeles and Guatemala, offering start to finish services from sample making, monitor compliance, administration, production and delivery.  

Key benefits to choosing Guatemala: 

  • A consistent production of basic-to-basic fashion knit based garments i.e. fleece hoodies, pants and shorts, basic tees for men, women and youth.
  • Prominent in cotton blends and most synthetics i.e. 100% cotton rings pun, 50/50 cotton polyester, 50/37/13 cotton/polyester/rayon (tri-blend).
  • Covers all printing techniques i.e. screen-printing and waterbased, puff printing, foils.
  • Convenient logistics with transit times of approximately 2-3 weeks to Los Angeles,1 week to Miami and 1.5 weeks to the Midwest.



  • Minimum quantity order of 3,000 pieces per color per style.
  • Original samples for measurements is recommended 

Hyphen Sourcing will advise our customers on every step before proceeding and guide them to complete their order as well as provide customer support even after shipping. We provide logistic options both from sea or by air. 

We have expanded our business into wholesale realm, creating unique styles for smaller brands that may encounter challenges meeting MOQ requirements in Guatemala, thus creating Hyphen Apparel as “A Brand for Other Brands”. 

Our Los Angeles warehouse consistently holds and inventory of 100,00 pieces with a variety of different styles that can be purchased for wholesale and or printed locally. 

Hyphen Sourcing manufactures, distributes and services clients locally and internationally with a purpose to spread knowledge and add value to the garment distribution. 


Customers (past and present):

Contact us by email: or call us at 213-522-6257.