Our Hyphen Story

CEO/Owner, Matthew Suh hails from Baltimore, Maryland growing up from blue crabs, football and lacrosse, he always set out to pursue long term goals and dreams.  First pursuing a very competitive career in the music industry working for one of the top music record labels in the world, to diving into the clothing manufacturing world.  As clothing and music ties together in many ways, Matthew made the huge transition in deciding to move to Central America specifically Guatemala to learn the deeper meaning of manufacturing clothing.  

From the cotton yarn, knitting, dyeing, sewing, he learned all the aspects and technicalities of how a simple fashion garments are constructed in high volume bulk setting.  Starting from how fabrics are produced to learning about pattern making and sewing construction, Matthew spent 5 years developing skills and knowledge of what makes apparel, apparel.  

Developing clientele with licensing companies such as Disney, NFL licensing, Marvel, etc. to corporate retailers such as Old Navy, Gap, Hot Topic, Torrid, Buckle, and many more, Matthew has developed a knowledge on how to cater to the clients needs while building $5-10 million in sales.


As Matthew set back foot into the United States, he landed in Los Angeles, the center of it all in the clothing industry.  Now taking the next step into working for corporate retailers like Forever21 and private label companies, He understood a great portion of the industry in both manufacturing in Guatemala, corporate retail and wholesale in the US.  

With these experiences and knowledge built, Hyphen Sourcing and Apparel was born.  Creating an open channel with our customers, we've bridged the gap even closer to our office and factories in Guatemala.  Our focus and goal is to produce high quality essentials for our customers in the US.  Whether it'd be our own apparel or producing for our clients, we take extra measures to show our customers what it takes to go that extra mile in producing these garments.


Hyphen Apparel

The way we make our clothing is just as important as the product in itself.  If we do not know how to manufacture the clothes, we wouldn't provide the most sustainable and guaranteed comfortable wear from our own designs.  Our production is sweatshop-free using 3rd party compliance (WRAP) to guarantee an ethical and humane made way of producing.  We develop trending styles with all of the natural and environmental friendly aspects when it comes to manufacturing components.  Whether it's the water we use for dyeing or the cleanliness and upkeep with our factories, we are 100% environmentally friendly with our production.


Our message to inspire through our designs is striving to establish a new and fresh culture and community.  

which leads into...


We, at Hyphen Sourcing & Apparel Company, was created in order to make high quality garments with a high standard of durability.  Hyphen is not just an apparel, but a lifestyle and community that we are all linked together in order to shape this world.  We are a culture to create kindness and integrity through our garments while striving for personal growth and ultimately inspire through our designs.  Follow us as we unfold together what Hyphen will hold for us in the future to come!