Welcome to our Hyphen Wholesale!


***Please confirm by email which state your company's address is in.  Reseller's permit must be submitted if you are in the state of California.  


We are also available by appointment-only at our Los Angeles office and warehouse. 


If you are interested in our wholesale, please follow our easy steps below and confirm with us by email at wholesale@hyphensc.com


1) You will need to create an "Account" by clicking at the top right corner of the website. 

 Website Version:Mobile Version:



2) Create an account (as below)


3) Email us at wholesale@hyphensc.com to confirm.


4) Re-log back in and see adjustments. Click a category to check.


5) You will see wholesale prices like below.


6) Inventory, colors, and wholesale prices will be set. Below in the red box.  


7) Click on the cart icon to go to check out.


8) Check out cart will pop up and you can review the order before purchasing.

Please email us at wholesale@hyphensc.com if you have any troubleshooting or questions! 

Also note, sale items and discount codes are only applied to retail customers and will not apply for wholesale customers.  Free shipping will be always applied for $150+ orders.

Thank you!